The tax lawyer in Spain can be said without a doubt that he is the most important legal professional because his actions in the legal branch in which he operates are those that require greater precision and completeness, having for the development of his Functions a complete theoretical – practical domain of the normative body that regulates the subject of taxes.

To this end, Spanish lawyers who are especially experts in the area of ​​taxes, handle all aspects both central and private, regulating in a total way the tax activity in Spain.

Among the core aspects of the tax lawyer in Spain, is the regulation of legal situations in which individuals are undervalued against taxes and based on this scenario provides a set of solutions, legal options and departures on the one hand and the other provides advice so that their clients know their rights and obligations in relation to taxes.

Since the regulation of taxes is the fundamental work of Spanish lawyers, their payment for private individuals begins to be more balanced and equitable, it will no longer be treated only in situations of duty, subjection, subordination without actually having rights, nor To have mechanisms to demand a reconsideration in the amount and frequency of the payment of taxes, what has come to change this unfavorable position that tormented so much the particular is the action of the tax lawyer in Spain, since now not only the one who receives the Contribution if not reestablishing the balance between compliance with the payment of mandatory taxes by the individual and jointly also ensure the rights of individuals.